Essential Oils May Replace Antibiotics per Dr. Mercola

 Essential Oils May Replace Antibiotics per Dr. Mercola just published an article outlining the many ways essential oils can support having a healthy immune system. 
The overuse of antibiotics have created widespread and dire problems which the most significant one being that there are now many bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. The more antibiotics are readily used in our every day lives, the worse the situation will become. Antibiotic resistant bacterial can come from many things. From a person not finishing their full round of antibiotics they were prescribed, from the overuse of them in our foods such as chicken and cattle for our meat and dairy.
Antibiotic resistant bacteria can turn a simple infection or scrape into a life-threatening illness giving our body little to defend itself. 
Today, they have found promising results from research showing the beneficial use of essential oils such as tea tree oil (Melaleuca Oil), cinnamon, oregano, thyme, and many others not only for personal uses but also in livestock and medical equipment.
But not all essential oil brands are the same as many available in the retail markets have been diluted with synthetics or other components making them less effective and potentially harmful. Young Living's Essential Oils are known to be the most pure because of their Seed to Seal Guarantee and their commitment to quality.  
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